Let the games begin!

For about 6 years I’ve been living without alcohol and caffeine, and although this causes rather a lot of comment, the truth is I don’t miss them because I don’t particularly enjoy chronic heartburn or the increased risk of esophageal cancer. But recently I found that one of my food loves also makes me ill! Gluten- I miss you. But there is something to be thankful for- I’m not a coeliac and believe me, I am thankful.

Mostly in everyday life, gluten is easy to avoid. Rice Bubbles make a gluten free (if sometimes uninteresting) breakfast, I have interesting lunches instead of sandwiches everyday and when you start looking it is actually not that hard to cut gluten out at dinner, at home at least. Eating out can provide a challenge or two. Passing through Matamata at night once, my husband and a friend and I needed some dinner. The usual takeaways were out because the gluten free options are usually chips and…, no actually just chips. We went to a cafe and the options for me were a bowl of chips or pumpkin soup and toast, obviously I could just ignore the toast. (In case you’re wondering, I went for the bowl of chips, I don’t pay $10 for a bowl of something I make often at home accompanied by something I can’t eat.)

Anyway, that experience and several since, have lead me to starting those blog. It encourages and advertises places where I’d recommend you go to find something to eat when you’re bread independent. Comments, recommendations and feedback welcome.

Thanks! and enjoy.



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