Dos Amigos Cantina, Mission Bay

It was my Mum’s birthday on Friday and since her and Dad were passing through Auckers, we decided to go out for dinner. My Dad is on an even stricter diet than me and Mum’s a vegetarian, so we decided Mexican would be a good idea, and because it is has a view of the ocean (Mum’s contribution), we went to Dos Amigos Cantina, in Mission Bay.

Not everything on their menu is labeled as gluten free, but don’t be fooled! Anything with a wheat tortilla can be made with a corn one just as easily and for only $1 more. While we’re talking about price, my Quesadilla Grande was $22, but came on a huge plate and was accompanied by black beans, red rice, sour cream and guacamole. I had room for desert but only just! I am not a bit desert eater when out at restaurants because it always seems a bit too expensive, and this is probably the case here. But, I had asked the waiter how to say Happy Birthday en espanol, and they generously gave Mum the choice of a free tequila, or a free churro to help with the celebration. It is rude to make the birthday girl eat desert alone….
The only desert labeled GFree was the chile chocolate torte, but owing to the intolerance of chocolate I shared the the lime and avocado ice cream with Dad. I’m not sure which bit of it was glutagenous, since you’d be hard-pressed to find the room to put gluten in when making ice cream. Weird. Also weird was the actual ice cream, but not in a bad way 😀 I also accidentally ordered the chile chocolate torte for my hubby- he said it was great.

So all in all, Dos Amigos is pretty good, but I’ll need a pay rise before it’s an every week dining experience. The only other time we’ve been there was to celebrate the birth of our niece, so can definitely recommend it for a special night out. Oh, and, if you are on the G, make sure you try the churro (or go on your birthday and get them free), they were a big hit with the non-freaks 🙂


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