Cafe 23, Mt Eden Road

Cafe 23 does great coffee, an excellent chai latte, and they are purveyors of Rocket Fuel Sauce. I also discovered on Saturday that they are stockists of Foxton Fizz Creaming Soda which I’ve become a fan of (since Saturday ;). In fact, they could be perfect… except that, well, they are not freak friendly.

When we’ve been there previously I’ve had the Eggs Royale, because it seemed like a good gluten free choice – potato cakes, bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. So far, and I assure you, soooo good. They always manage to get my bacon perfect and crispy, and the potato cakes are just awesome. I love potatoes and these potato cakes take the cake. In fact, if you got to Cafe 23 don’t look further than the Eggs Royale, and not only because that is your only choice. Most of their menu is your standard all-day breakfast menu stuff – eggs of your choice, the works, organic homemade muesli- but unlike a large number of cafe’s I have been frequenting the gluten free bread option wasn’t there and the waitress said they sometimes have it but often don’t. The cabinet food won’t help you either as it is bread and pasta biased.

Now, the point of this blog was not to name and shame. In fact, one of my personal philosophies is to talk more about places where I get good service, than places I get bad- think of it as a positive feedback loop. And Cafe 23 is definitely one of those places- I cannot fault their service. Now, all they need to go from Awesome to Perfect is a little more (freakin’) choice.


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