Meadowbank bakery, Meadowbank

Yes, a bakery in a blog about gluten free eating. You would have thought it impossible, BUT, you haven’t been to Meadowbank bakery 😉

On the menu they have 2 gluten free choices; friands and an orange and almond cake. Ordinarily friands, especially eaten out at cafe’s where it is the only choice, leave me feeling like I haven’t really had enough morning tea, or in the worst case, lunch! But the Meadowbank Bakery does friands to the size of your average bakery muffin. Wonderful! Similarly, the orange and almond cake either comes in a one person, or full cake size. It is moist, it is yummy, and as our receptionist said the cost of the cake is exceptional considering the cost of almonds and the amount they put in. Mostly though, non-freaks don’t seem to notice the absence of flour…

It gets my vote 🙂


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