Nutmeg Cafe, Remuera Rd

This a very exciting post as I love this cafe – Nutmeg Cafe and Catering is at the Newmarket end of Remuera Road, almost opposite the Newmarket Train Station. If we had needed an excuse (and we didn’t), it was that we had a friend staying from Wellington and she is the biggest lover of food that I know. I wasn’t worried that Nutmeg would pass muster, in fact, it got a HUGE tick of approval.

Nutmeg pride themselves in being able to cater for all dietary requirements and they do it well. Today, the chef deemed the first batch of gluten fee bread unsatisfactory (which if we are honest probably means it was still above supermarket quality), so I got to try the potato hash with my savory mince. It was great! I really enjoyed it, although I actually really like their bread so will hold thumbs that it will pass muster next time.

I should also put in a word for the staff there- I have never had anything less than exceptional service there. The staff are all very friendly, and while I am fickle enough to order a different hot beverage every time I go there they remember my beloveds order every time. We’re regulars, and proud — Highly recommended 😀


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