Corogate Cafe, State Highway 25

Sometimes when I go into places that don’t have anything GFree, I feel awkward about having to leave, especially when the proprietors had seemed genuinely happy to see me.

Today, we gambled on a roadside cafe and came up trumps. The Corogate Cafe is on State Highway 25, about 2km east from the junction with State Highway 2. They have the usual take away cafe style things- burgers, toasted and untoasted sandwiches, cakes, scones, etc, BUT they have gluten free version of all of them, and the advertising for that option was prominent as we walked in. I tried the cheese burger because it seemed like a good idea- it was! My beloved followed suit allowing for a fair comparison and the GFree really measured up. The bun was soft and the patty taste (home made for sure), with a good amount of salad. The choices of sauces was also something else-they had 10! I’ll get back to you once I have tested the other GFree delights, but I reckon you’d be right with any of it.

It is also worthy going in for the decor- it is brilliant! The front room has completed puzzles covering the ceiling and it truly is a celebration of all things British- you can even buy Polo Mints and Hienz sandwich spread there (as well as other British goods that you had thought you could live without). I also appreciated that the memorabilia included items from the most recent of the royal weddings- these people are professional collectors 😉

The other thing I appreciated was the service and the chat with the lady behind the counter- her mother-in-law was diagnosed with coeliac disease 7 years ago. It explains a lot about the menu, but also made me feel like I could trust the food. Good show, old bean!


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