Gluten free in Hokitika

Yup, Hokitika.

We arrived on a Saturday afternoon and in our wanderings found a great little pizza place called Fat Pipis on Revell St. The smells coming out of those doors convinced us and we were back for dinner. It is apparently quite popular on a Saturday and so we had a 20minute wait. Their gluten free pizza base was thin and crispy (just the way I like it), and our T-Rex (read: meat lovers) had a good amount of toppings. But, be warned! they won’t neccesarily let you know about the $6 surcharge on the medium size pizza when you order. We ordered a large and paid our $26 but were rewarded with the medium because the G-Free bases only come in that size 😦 I guess we shouldn’t have had such a busy day climbing mountains in Arthur’s Pass…

Having left our refridgerables in our hotel in Arthur’s Pass we decided to go out for breakfast, and I am pleased to report that the Clocktower Cafe on Weld St is open at 8:30 (on a Sunday) AND had gluten free bread. I didn’t see any gluten free cabinet items, but to be fair, it was 8:30 and there weren’t a lot of cabinet items at all.

Our final food stop in Hoki was Cafe de Paris on Tancred St. Not a huge selection of cakes for the gluten free eater, but their gluten free meringue was awesome. It was light and airy, and yet somehow they managed to get some nuts suspended in it. I have had many a meringue failure so I appreciate a good one 🙂


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