The (gluten free friendly) Wobbly Kea, Arthur’s Pass

I love Arthur’s Pass – it is a truly beautiful place. I went feeling refreshed and happy (I was on holiday afterall) and left feeling even more refreshed and happier.

The Wobbly Kea, on the northern side of the main road, is very gluten free friendly. They only had 3 listed main menu items with GF next to them (chicken caeser salad, curry of the day, and the salmon steak), but as it turns out the rib-eye steak was also gluten free (gravy with no wheat flour), as was the venison ragout (assuming you opted out of the pastry case). The garden salad and soup of the day were also listed as GF, so plenty of choice there. I had the steak and it was excellent – very tasty. I am a fan of potatoes and the mash was really good and the bok choy “side” was great – just cooked and plenty of it 🙂

The Wobbly Kea comes highly recommended as somewhere VERY gluten free friendly.


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