Circus Circus, Mt Eden – Gluten free friendly!

I had a great meal out with some friends at Circus Circus last week. It’s in Mt Eden village (opposite the Belgium beer bar and one block down from the Time Out bookshop). I have to admit though, I have been at a loss as to how to describe my experience, so here we go…

The menu was not encouraging, not a “GF” anywhere in site, but we were seated and committed to being there, so I asked the waitress about my options. She said almost everything could be made gluten free on request – yippee! And there was a lot of choice – at our table alone we had chicken maryland, brasied pork belly in cider with mashed potatoes, crepes (probably not a hope there for GFree!), some kind of steak and the lamb shanks. I, on the other hand, chose the stir fry beef. It said it came topped with crispy noodles but the waitress did go and check and it turns out that apart from a tad of soy sauce (which I am not particulalry sensitive too) it was otherwise gluten free. And it was delicious – but it came with the crispy noodles 😦 To her credit, the waitress noticed and did mentioned that the chef had obviously forgottne about the “gluten free” request, and thankfully no harm was done.

So, in short, go to Circus Circus, enjoy the atmosphere and the wait staff (who are fantastic), but stay clear of the stir fry beef πŸ™‚

(Oh, and make sure you use the loo while you are there!)


3 thoughts on “Circus Circus, Mt Eden – Gluten free friendly!

  1. Thanks for this. I’ve tried to go to Circus Circus a few times (mainly on a Saturday) and have always found them too busy and have missed out on a table – but actually, after your experience I don’t think that I would make the effort. Not quite enough care for gluten free guests perhaps.

    • They were quite busy when we were there and I think that was part of the problem. But then, similar to your own experiences, I have never been there before because it is always busy. I would go back, but then again, a tiny amount of gluten in my food will cause me inconvenience but it is not a big deal – a different story for you!

      • But because this place has always intrigued me, I think if I was ever standing outside and they weren’t busy, I’d probably give them a try.

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