Purebread delivers

There is a baker at the Thames market on a Saturday who makes what looks like the best garlic focaccia ever- needless to say it’s gluten rich. No doubt it looks even better because it is Forbidden. I was happy then, to find that Purebread makes a range of flattie breads (garlic, focaccia and turkish) and that they have online ordering and free delivery for orders over $23. Purebread were great to deal with 🙂 The delivery was a bit slow but that has nothing whatsoever to do with Purebread and everything to do with my rural delivery address. The good folks at Purebread were good about this too making sure my bread got dispatched on a Monday to avoid it sitting around not being delivered over the weekend.

As for the bread itself, it was good. It’s a bake at home item, but I ended up doing the whole of the first one slice by slice in the toaster. Read Bread! and it was absorbent!! The second one was done the same way but from the freezer- not a ripping success as it got quite crumbly in there. The first one wasn’t like that, I’m making assumption about it being the freezing process. Number 3 awaits still, so will report back! Even with the crumble it is still more interesting that a rice cracker- much as I like rice crackers, sleepinghorse does have a good point about them and you can’t dip them in soup with much success….


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