I have (finally) mastered the hash brown

I love potatoes, and I particularly like them once you’ve grated and fried them. Unfortunately for my lazy Sunday breakfasts, I’ve never managed to do a good job on hash browns using the recipe I have. It’s from a Bill Granger book- I make other things from it with no trouble – but this weekend, I mastered the hash brown. I never seemed to be able to get them to stick together, and so always ended up with the potato equivalent of scrambled eggs instead of a perfectly formed omelette. Sometimes they cooked on the outside but not in the middle, ick and ew! But by frying and then baking, I think I have it.

(Also, I supose that given my hash brown was one large, rather than several small, item it is probably more technically a rosti, but here goes):

4 medium sized potatoes
I small onion, grated
1 egg
1/4 c grated cheese
salt and pepper

Grate the potatoes and then leave in sieve to drain. Adding some salt at this stage will help dry them out.

Mix in other ingredients.

Heat oven-proof frying pan with 1/2 T butter, and then add potato mix. Once the bottom is cooked (it’ll start to get lighter at the edges, but lift a piece to check), take off heat and put in hot oven (200 deg cell) until the top is brown too. Et voila! Cut up and serve – I put some left over lamb stew on mine and it was so tasty the left overs I anticipated were…. well, there weren’t any!

Happy potatoing 🙂


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