Good to be home

I have spent the last month travelling in the big, bad old US of A, and as above, it is good to be home. I loved America, it was everything I did and didn’t expect, the people were great and they do the best milkshakes I’ve ever had (which undoubtedly means they were bad for me). Having read a bit about food production in the states, I was trying for a no or low meat holiday, but on gluten free one can’t be to fussy. More of that later, this post is mostly about my trip to New World yesterday- 4 different brands of gluten free bread to choose from! Oh, we have it so good here. I found some frozen bagels in San Francisco but nothing like the selection here (the verdict on the bagels, fine as a bread roll but not a bagel in taste or texture). Often though, it was easy to find a bread substitute in the form of 100% corn tortillas and I have to say that i wouldn’t mind if that caught on here too. Perhaps we could negotiate a swap- they could adopt our variety of breads and we’ll take the tortillas? Something to think on anyway 🙂


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