Freedom Foods muesli bars

As mentioned 2 posts ago, I always have some doubts about going to new places ….unless I am going to the supermarket. I have been thinking a lot about the concept of supermarkets since becoming gluten free. Sometimes, I think they are not so super – when we lived in Auckland city I found our “one stop shop” was a place where I could get only some of what I needed. Rice noodles only at Countdown, Masa only at New World. <sigh> There are some benefits to every supermarket (and indeed smaller grocery shops) having different things though — you can make great discoveries if you are venturing out.

At Countdown in Pukekohe (and I mean the old one in the town centre, not the newer one on Manukau Rd) I found Freedom Foods Ancient Grain Super Bar and Gluten and Nut Free Muesli bars. They are great! Since discovering them I always have one in my bag when I go out. They tend to get a bit mushed (that is more a reflection of the content of my bag and my treatment of it all than the bars), but they still taste the same, even if the shape is somewhat different. I also keep a box in my desk drawer because you never know. Quite possibly the best thing about these bars if you are excluding taste and their gluten free friendlyness is that there is no big air gap in the packaging – each box comes with 6 largish (32g) bars, and when you open the box they’re snugged in there like little peas in a pod. There is everything to love 🙂

Post-script: you appear to be able to buy these bars on Countdowns online shop (assuming you live in their delivery area, if not they are regularly stocked at Countdown Pukekohe….. this list will grow as my knowledge does…)


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