Leda gluten free gingernuts

Over the years we’ve been led to believe that only one Gingernut is so spicy that there is nothing to compare to it and to be honest I’ve missed them. I’ve missed them on many a boat ride while other people are happily munching their gingery goodness and I am left contemplating the horizon or missing the view by sleeping off the nausea<Sigh>. But no more!

Imposters above, but in a blind test you will be confused

Not only are the Leda brand the right size, and approximately the right colour, they are (approximately) the right consistency and they dunk well. They are also more gingery. I got my beloved to taste test the difference:  he said that while the gluten free was slightly sweeter, they were more spicy – and that would be the 1.4% c.f. 1% ginger in the ingredients list.

This combined with a recent purchase of a cruising trimaran makes me a very happy camper sailor indeed.


2 thoughts on “Leda gluten free gingernuts

  1. I always have these in the cupboard and I find they make delicious bases for cheesecakes or anything else that needs a crushed biscuit. Expensive for crushing and adding to recipes but very good.

    • Have you tried the Arnott’s rice cookies for a cheesecake base? They’re good too and much as i love it, ginger doesn’t go with everything 🙂 

      Eating freakishly

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