Mamma Mia pizzeria, Mission Bay

One of my friends is very sad that I have, as yet, not had any strong pregnancy cravings – she seems disappointed that I haven’t eaten 10 kg of gerkhins and that my only claim to a craving thus far has been to eat a lot of ice in the first trimester. But I hope you’re reading this Tania, because on Saturday I craved pizza. It probably wasn’t more than your average “I feel like it tonight” craving as I would have settled for something else but as it happened, the first pizza place we visited in Mission Bay had gluten free bases. And, it really hit the spot.

Much like our experiences in Hokitika, Mamma Mia only had one size of base but unlike Fat Pipis that was clearly explained on the menu. I ordered a small “Mamma Mia” (ham, mushrooms, cheese and tomato) with olives instead of ham and my only critique would be that there wasn’t even one olive per slice of pizza. I expect that I wouldn’t have had the same experience if I’d gone for the pig, but a craving is a craving. The good thing was though, that the gluten free small was larger than the normal small, so I got six slices to my beloved’s four. The service was also prompt, we didn’t have to wait around long. So all up a thumbs up from me, despite being a long way to drive when I could make one at home 😀


2 thoughts on “Mamma Mia pizzeria, Mission Bay

    • Thanks! We’re pretty excited ourselves. I just hope my beloved’s pro-gluten genes are stronger and more dominant than mine!

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