The Benson Rd Deli, Remuera

It’s time to do all the things that I anticipate being less convenient with a small person in tow, and yesterday while in between errands I found myself at the Benson Road Deli, in Remuera. Of course, you can tell I am new to the place- the guy at the next table was describing his location on the phone as being as “B R D”. Who I am to argue?

I was impressed with the 3 lovely looking gluten free cake options – strawberry friands, orange syrup cake and a chocolate cheesecake slice. I went for the latter, and a Vitamin C boost smoothie – both of which were great. The tartness of the raspberries in the smoothie really helped combat the sweetness in the slice. The atmosphere was pleasant, and it was a sunny day to watch the people and traffic on Benson Rd, which despite being in deep suburbia was rather busy.

I decided to grab some lunch to take away while I was there, and sadly I was once again faced with a single choice at the deli counter – who invented frittata anyway? I wish that places, especially where the cake options are so good, would branch out a bit in the savory department 😦


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