Chocolate overload

I loved being pregnant. It was just an awesome experience. One positive outcome (apart from giving birth to someone who is probably the cutest baby on the planet) is that I appear to be able to eat chocolate again. The closest thing I had to a proper craving was to really really want peanut slab at about 16 weeks- I bought one knowing full well that heartburn was inevitable. Only it wasn’t. Yay for me! I have been enjoying small amounts ever since, obviously being careful not too over do it in case I break what is currently fixed. There was one such incident at La Red Berry, in Pukekohe. Their hot chocolate is warm milk with chocolate pieces melted in and I foolishly also went for one of their two gluten free slices, the chocolate brownie. Both great on their own but together a chocolate overload! I had to lie down. Perhaps you need to be made of stronger stuff than I am? Hmmm, not sure although I am happy to report that each item ordered independently has agreed with me much better 🙂


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