French toast has never been so good- Santeez gluten free cafe, Kerikeri

We were asked to go up to Kerikeri recently for work and I was struck initially by two thoughts: what an awful car ride with the infant, and yay for the gluten free cafe. Santeez gluten and wheat free cafe is on the main road opposite the police station, set back a little from the road. It’s got a lovely shaded courtyard, a very interesting toilet (whose decor I would love to recreate at home) and, happily, is gluten free. Not just friendly to us with three or four choices, Everything (it turns out they do stock gluten bread, but that’s the exception). We stopped in for breakfast as I was especially excited about having an option that wasn’t just ordinary breakfast menu + $x for gluten free bread. I can do that at home without a surcharge. I went for the French toast as I had a pretty good feeling about it, despite my one and only homemade French toast experiment being a few standard deviations below average: my Vogels 6 seed was not the right bread 😦 the right bread, as I discovered, was whatever they used. I thought I could taste cinnamon? Perhaps using a slightly sweetened, spiced bread is their secret. I can only speculate because I did not ask, but what I can say is that it was an easy decision of where to go when we found ourselves needing lunch the next day, but a hard one not to choose the same thing two days in a row! In the end I went for the BLT because it is a favourite of my beloved, doesn’t work as well with two bits of gluten free bread instead of a nice bun and therefore has been the subject of some serious food envy in the past. It was a good choice, if I do say so myself.

Oh, and the infant was quite happy, i.e asleep, for our long (+/- 300km) car ride, so successes across the board 🙂


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