Oliver’s deli, Totara

Moving is a pretty hectic experience, but it was made easier by having some awesome family help. One of the helpful things an aunt did (amongst many other things she did), was turn up with a Marx bakery banana loaf. Yummy and very surprising. The local Bin Inn in Thames used to stock their bread until a small sign about 18 months ago which sadly announced the ceasing of supply. I’ve been watching for resupply much like our cat looks at his biscuit bowl during the day after he has scoffed them all at breakfast- no matter how forlornly we look, the bread (and biscuits) have not reappeared. Also, with more variety available in shops generally and life events trucking along at full speed it’s been off the radar. This banana loaf reminded me and they’re back on. Happily for me, Oliver’s bakery and deli in Totara (just south of Thames) is now a stockist. Oliver’s only opened recently and to be honest, I wasn’t terribly excited because going into a bakery just doesn’t really do anything for me and they rarely have anything for me. Bread and other bread products are delivered on Tuesday each week (I visited on a Thursday), but they were stocking biscuits and pies and yes, I got a pie. It was so good! I will definitely be visiting next Tuesday 🙂


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