Quiona Fritters and Potato Patties – Lunch time win! (with revisions)

I wrote the following post last year, but before I got around to publishing it I tried the quinoa recipe again, this time for guests who were NOT new mums, and it was a disaster. I have learnt my lesson though, and so revisions are included 🙂

Quiona Fritters  and Potato Cakes – a lunch time win!

For the first time since the offspring was born I hosted party of 4 for lunch. Admittedly it was a party of other new mums so a sympathetic audience had I not managed to do a good job, but I’m feeling pretty proud of the menu: quinoa, bacon and parmesan fritters, and potato and feta patties with guacamole, homemade beetroot relish and apricot chutney.

The quinoa fritters were based on a Donna Hay recipe, but because the planning of this culinary adventure happened after shopping day, I used borlotti beans and left out the broccoli, and swapped in parmesan for the mozzarella. They weren’t horrible, in fact it was great adaptation! Tip for young players, the first batch I cooked fell apart a bit but once more firmly packed together they cooked evenly and stayed in shape. [The first round of these I had been moderately organised and had left them in the fridge, as suggested, for just over half an hour. The second time I made these I was even more organised and had left the mixture in the fridge for a couple of hours. I think this was my downfall. The mixture did not respond well to the over refrigerating and fell apart so badly that only the addition of 2 eggs and a lot of silent prayer. Even then, they were slightly more like fried quinoa than fritters].

The potato and feta patties are a favourite of ours too. I got the recipe yeas ago from a South American cookbook that I was browsing through at a library inbetween buses.
500g potatoes, mashed
200g feta
1 egg
salt and pepper
rice flour for dusting

Mash potato, feta, egg and reasoning together and form patties using the flour to prevent them sticking too much to your hands. Then, place on a baking tray and bake at 180 degrees C for 15 mins for the first side, then turn and bake for another 10. These are, like the quinoa ones, very versatile. I’ve used parmesan instead of feta, used less feta, added chives and used only an egg yolk and yet they always pretty tasty.



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