Freakfood is evolving…..

I would never do anything as hip as quote Dylan lyrics to you, but … well, the times don’t stay the same. And neither do people although I hasten to add that I have thought a lot more about this blog than shows in the recent output. One of my thoughts is that a blog only about food is no longer that sustainable for me for lots of reasons including shifting my priorities to be more home based and moving away from a big city. Let’s be realistic, there are only a finite number of blog posts I can write about the gluten free eating places in Thames. Another limiting factor is that silly promise I made to myself that I would only post positives. I sometimes find that limiting, and to be honest, I think if you are going to commit to a gluten free blog you need to be honest about the good, and when you stumble on it, the bad. I am still a believer that good should be celebrated more than bad, lest you feed a negative feedback loop, but that doesn’t mean shying away from all bad comments and reasonable feedback. But it does mean being able to constructively criticize, and not tear down.


So, the short of it is that what was has been. My renewed plan for this blog will include food, but also musings and thoughts and should the whim grab me, more photos. Stick around, the view is about to change 🙂


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